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how to start a women clothes brand?

Many people have a good fashion sense or a great creative ability, if you are the one of them and don’t know how to make this ability become a women clothes fashion brand, maybe this article can give you some help.

Firstly, you need to make a design, you can get your inspirations from shopping mall, internet, natural or anywhere, then show it to the professional clothing manufacturer. And make a clear requirement to them, take the following example.

I searched below photos; I think this Y2K shirt is very fashion and full of energy. But I want to make some changes, such like make it sleeveless and a bigger round neck, if it could be blue color then it will be perfect. Let’s do these changes with the Guangzhou CHICUPUP garment factory now. The CHICUPUP is a very professional, fast and could accept low minimum order quantity factory, you can tell them your requirements then they will bring your designs to life.

When they received my massages then suggest me to choose a high stretch mesh fabric and they printed a fabric swatch for reference as below:

Wow it’s amazing, I love it and I can’t wait to see the garment.

The CHICUPUP is near to the Zhongda fabric market which is the biggest fabric and trims market in Asia, so they can recommend you suitable fabric and show it to you very quickly. Below is the fabric market for your reference.

Then they confirmed other details with me such like the measurement, stitching method, cause this shirt is very simple so they just use one day to finish it.

I really love it and I approved to move bulk production, then we confirmed the details such like the labels placement and layout, package, shipping.

I want a simple labels/tag and I told them details then they draw them for approval, it’s really comfortable and save more time for me, also they give me a suggestion about the placement, this is why we should choose a professional factory, they can make the whole process smoothly and give you professional suggestions when you have questions.

quantity: For new styles, usually I only produce 100 pieces for one color one style. And totally I will choose 2 colorways, and I will launch about 2-5 new styles per month. If they are selling well, then I will repeat about 200-500 pieces and add more fashion colorways.

Colorways: I love pink color and my customers like blue color, so I also produced pink colorways for this style.

Size ranges: Usually I produce extra small, middle, large total 3 sizes cause most of my customers are young girls. If your potential customers are normal fashion people, you can choose the small, middle and large 3 sizes, if they are plus sizes people, you can choose XL-2XL, 3XL-4XL, 5XL-6XL, if your potential customers are the teen or petite, then you can choose XXS, XS, S, the most important thing is who is your potential customers

Advertising: I got a professional operation company to take care of the promotion part, which helped me save a lot of trivial things and allowed me to focus more on the development of new styles.

Photographic: I booked model and took great photos, the effect are amazing. And my operation company will post them on my online shop, INS, TIKTOK and many popular apps.

As for the main label/ tags: this is very important, if people want to order your styles again or share your brand to their friends or family, they need to know your brand name and social app account, you can do a simply designs like below, people can follow your ins, Facebook, Pinterest or any other apps,  it has a great helpful when they want to go through your new arrivals or share your brand to others,

shipment: when your manufacturer finished bulk production, you can ask them send it to you and you send to your customer via express or pick up at your store, also if you only want to sell them via online shop, you can find some drop ship company and ask manufacturer to delivery the goods to them, then when they received your customers order information they will send out the goods for you.

Above are the roughly steps of how to start your women clothes fashion brand, if you have any questions, please kindly ask me and I will reply to you one by one, looking forward to seeing you!

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